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Equipping People to Become World Changers

Manna Church in Stafford, Virginia

You’re invited! Worship with us at Brooke Point High School on Sunday at 10 a.m.

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Our Latest Sermon

In this episode, Pastor Jake likens the concept of combined arms with the different spiritual gifts in the body of Christ. Tune in to learn more about the different gifts we have and the importance of using the gifts wisely. 

What’s happening in May?

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Mothers Day

May 14th at 10 a.m.

We’ll be honoring the mothers in our congregation on Mother’s Day. If you’re a mom, we invite you to join us on this special day. We would love to celebrate you.

Multiply Conference

May 16th – 18th

Join us virtually or on-site for this three-day conference that is being held in Fayetteville, NC. Multiply is the centerpiece of Manna’s church-planting initiative.

What the Military Taught Me About God

Sermon Series

Pastor Jake Johnson will share many of the truths he learned about God while serving as a marine in the military.

Our Approach is Simple

Manna Church in Stafford, VA is dedicated to expanding the kingdom of God through this four-step approach.

Inspiring Worship Experiences

We want every one of our worship experiences to inspire people to want more of God. We call them “experiences” because our goal is to passionately pursue the Presence of God and set people up for a life-changing encounter with Jesus.

Life-Giving Small Groups

We believe that the church is not a building or a location or even just a weekend experience. We believe that the church is people, and people were created to be in relationship. Our small groups are designed to provide a place for people to belong and experience the life-giving community of authentic relationships.

World Changing Outreach

We have a vision to change the world, and we believe the best way to accomplish this is to equip God’s people to change their world. Therefore we are aggressive in our efforts to empower His people to reach as many as possible with the love and message of Jesus.

Intentional Leadership Development

We believe that the essence of leadership is influence and that everyone has the capacity to influence others. Our Growth Track has been designed to take people through a journey of growing in their walk with God, discovering the purpose He has given them, and developing the leadership potential He has placed within them. We will be intentional about helping people become all that God has called them to be.

Manna Church is dedicated to serving the people in Stafford/Quantico

Quantico is the crossroads of the Marine Corps. One of the unique ways God has called Manna Church to advance His Kingdom is through loving, empowering, and equipping military families. We plan to place an expression of Manna Church at every stop of the “Military Highway” so that wherever our military families are stationed, we’ll be there ready to serve them and the surrounding community. Stafford is the 23rd of 273 church plants along this highway.

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